Larimar for the Throat Chakra

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I love incorporating stones on body points during treatment as I find the body is in a particularly receptive state to communicate with and receive their medicine.

The throat is the axis between head and heart and as such so much can get stuck there. Giving voice to our authentic selves is wildly healing and yet can also be scary or not habitual for many of us. Personally it’s an area I have been and continue to work with, I see my own jaw tension linked to whether or not I’m using my voice. No coincidence I see throat chakra issues in many of my acupuncture and Breathwork clients. 

Using Larimar for the throat chakra is new to me, learned from @onewillow_apothecaries online class for working with stones. Placed on Ren 22 (in the notch at the base of the throat), a point that disinhibits the throat to restore the voice, Larimar encourages the free expression of our emotions. I’m working on my own relationship with this stone right now, I find the experiential method the strongest and the perfect place to begin when working with stones.