Returning as a Way to Look Back

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I came to Santa Fe for the first time when I was nineteen. It was my solution for my problems, it was a con job on myself and my parents so I wouldn’t have to go back to rehab. I  was hopeless, lost and full of self loathing and I took all of those qualities with me to New Mexico. 

Changing locations is not a fix, but it was not without its benefits, all these years later I still remember how bright the stars are in the sky here.

Back in Santa Fe for the first time in twenty-five years, I’ve been thinking about who I was then and the work it took to get to become who I am today. How all the selves we are at different times don’t get lost, I’m not a different person, just a changed one and my intention is to continue to grow and evolve.

I’m so grateful I’m still here to do this work, amazed at all the beautiful souls I get to walk this path with and grow with.