Lion’s Gate

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The implication of a portal is a doorway that leads to such a journey that if you choose to enter will leave you transformed. ♾

Today in this Lion’s Gate it feels a fitting day to talk about two gate acupuncture patterns. Needled in an infinity loop these point combinations were taught to me as the inner and outer 4 Gates.

The Inner Four Gates

Lung 1 & Liver 14 A looping of the meridian cycle, these points are both Mu points, located over the organs they reflect. When we accept life and swallow the mud pill, that first breath energizes the collarbone, the area of Lung 1. Central Warehouse is an area of reception of life, with each breath we are accepting this life. Liver 14 is the Cycle Gate, the character combines the moon in its phases with a basket. It is here at the bottom of the diaphragm that we learn about ourselves in relation to the cycles of the world we live in as well as our own cycles. The wood element is the great initiator, so with each breath we try again. It seems no mistake that we begin and end with the filling and emptying of the breath.

The Outer Four Gates

A well known and used point combination in the acupuncture world for moving energy. These two points mirror each other anatomically, Large Intestine 4 on the high point of the webbing between the thumb and index finger and Liver 3, just below the bone on the webbing between the big toe and the second toe. Both points are Source points, containing a connection to Source Qi, the Jing we were given from our parents and cosmic essence.

LI 4 Union Valley is the union of Da Qi (the great air of the lungs) and Gu Qi (the Qi of digestion). As a command point it relates to the face and it’s strong energetics of clearing wind heat make it a great point for clearing excess. LI 4 is an outermost level of protection for Yuan Qi.

Liver 3 The Great Penetration moves the Qi of the body. As the external Liver meridian ends at the diaphragm it is applicable for stuck emotional energy, the internal meridian travels to the crown chakra making it equally effective for energy rushing to the head. As an earth point it helps clear dampness and has a strong effect on menstrual or sexual issues.

When you need to move and open the energy and meridians in the whole body, these two points needles in an infinity loop really open people up. 

Larimar for the Throat Chakra

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I love incorporating stones on body points during treatment as I find the body is in a particularly receptive state to communicate with and receive their medicine.

The throat is the axis between head and heart and as such so much can get stuck there. Giving voice to our authentic selves is wildly healing and yet can also be scary or not habitual for many of us. Personally it’s an area I have been and continue to work with, I see my own jaw tension linked to whether or not I’m using my voice. No coincidence I see throat chakra issues in many of my acupuncture and Breathwork clients. 

Using Larimar for the throat chakra is new to me, learned from @onewillow_apothecaries online class for working with stones. Placed on Ren 22 (in the notch at the base of the throat), a point that disinhibits the throat to restore the voice, Larimar encourages the free expression of our emotions. I’m working on my own relationship with this stone right now, I find the experiential method the strongest and the perfect place to begin when working with stones.

Late Summer

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From a Five Element vantage we are in late summer. Late summer is different energetically from the fiery fun of summer.

Governed by the element of earth and the meridians Stomach & Spleen, this is the season to slow down and digest. The earth element lives in the center of the wheel as it is the pivot of health and balance just as it is in our bodies. Some questions for this element; How am I digesting my life physically as well as emotionally? Is there a healthy balance of care and nurturing or do I give more than I receive? What is my relationship with receiving? How are my boundaries in relationships? Do I have an appetite for this life I’m living?

In this late summer season, I wish for you the opportunity to slow down and find nourishment on your plate as well as in your work and relationships. ️ Photo @melodee_solomon

Summer and the Fire Element

“In the five elements cycle, the fire phase describes an energy of peak power. Fire, then, is about peaking -reaching a maximal stage of performance.” Gail Reichstein

As we approach the Summer Solstice we are working with the energy of  and the corresponding meridians of Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and San Jiao. Fire is the energy of joy, our ability to be in relationship, to feel excitement and passion. This summer allow this energy to stoke the flames of your life and passion, be active, spend time with friends, but also be careful not to overheat and burn out. The Small Intestine meridian is about wise discernment, it chooses what feels nourishing to the heart, find what nourishes your heart this summer.

Artwork: @honeycombdaughter

Returning as a Way to Look Back

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I came to Santa Fe for the first time when I was nineteen. It was my solution for my problems, it was a con job on myself and my parents so I wouldn’t have to go back to rehab. I  was hopeless, lost and full of self loathing and I took all of those qualities with me to New Mexico. 

Changing locations is not a fix, but it was not without its benefits, all these years later I still remember how bright the stars are in the sky here.

Back in Santa Fe for the first time in twenty-five years, I’ve been thinking about who I was then and the work it took to get to become who I am today. How all the selves we are at different times don’t get lost, I’m not a different person, just a changed one and my intention is to continue to grow and evolve.

I’m so grateful I’m still here to do this work, amazed at all the beautiful souls I get to walk this path with and grow with.